Poster Mario Borgoni - Officine Dell Istituto Italiano D´arti Grafiche - Bergamo

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"Officine Dell´ Istituto Italiano D´arti Grafiche - Bergamo"
"Prestito Nazionale"
Literally wrapped in his flag, an embattled patriot is raising his sword against an unseen foe gripping the corner of his flag. An allegorical attack on Italy herself, used here in an attempt to raise money for the war effort through war bonds with a 5% yield. Rickards 82, Borkan p. 233.

Size: 51” x 40” inches / 130 cm x 101 cm
Technique: Offset Poster
Date: 1916
Artist: Mario Borgoni
Place: Italy
*Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Very good condition.