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Antique Print - Brochart - Young Lady - Peasant Woman - August - Harvest Time

Antique Print - Brochart - Young Lady - Peasant Woman - August - Harvest Time

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This is a beautiful antique lithographic portrait of a adolescent lady holding a sickle, a small bundle of wheat and several wild poppy flowers, skillfully executed by Julien after the renowned French artist Constant-Joseph Brochart. Behind the young peasant woman, the artist portrays a towering field on a windy and thunderous August day. The landscape promises a bountiful harvest. The girl is depicted with delicate facial features and a unique rural charm. The lithography is framed in an oval shape. The composition is well-composed and harmonious, with the landscape behind the figure of the young woman complementing rather than competing with her, allowing the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere and context of the piece. Signed at the bottom of the work "August" points the viewer to an important detail. The artist personified the month of August, transforming it into the embodiment of a captivating young woman. This creation, a harmonious blend of nature's elements and human emotions, captured the fleeting essence of summer, forever frozen in time. The work is in good condition, with only a small pigmented stain present. Framed.


Size: 35” x 29” inches / 88 cm x 73 cm (frame size)

Technique: Lithography

Date: 1820-1850

Artist: Julien after Constant-Joseph Brochart

Place: France

*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request. 


Very good condition. 

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