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Antique map of Norway - Lapland - North Sea - Wardshus - Guillaume Sanson

Antique map of Norway - Lapland - North Sea - Wardshus - Guillaume Sanson

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Rare hand-colored regional map titled "Gouvernement de Wardhus Tiré de divers Memoires", showing Lapland and Norway in particular Wardhus's government around the entire North Sea. published by Chez Pierre Mariette in Paris, 1668.
The first printed map of Norway showing the whole country, very rare and important map of Norway. Representing the earliest map showing Norway alone and including its entire territory, this map was published by the important French publisher Sanson and is nicely designed in an attractive French school style.
Ginsberg says of the map: "This map by Guillaume Sanson is the fourth map of Norway alone. It is also notable as the first map of Norway to show the entire country, instead of cutting off the northernmost part." Ginsberg goes on to discuss the sources Sanson used in producing the map. He suggests that the Blaeu 1662 map of Norway was indeed an influencing factor, although the shape of the coastline is more accurate than in Blaeu's map. He also suggests leaving the Telemark region west of Norway relatively empty, which follows the Blaeu Scavenius map. Ginsberg also comments that the subdivisions of governments shown, unlike Blaeu, are not based on religious bishoprics. Instead, Sanson chooses to demarcate regions according to the fortresses where governors lived.
The map is from a collection of maps made especially for King Louis XIV, which were drawn by Nicolas Sanson who was Louis XIV's most famous cartographer.

Size: 17,5” x 24” inches / 44.5 cm x 60 cm
Technique: Engraving
Date: 1668
Artist: Guillaume Sanson (1633-1703), his till Nicolas Sanson
Place: Paris, France
*Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Very good condition.

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