Antique Engraving - Depicting a Jew in a Headdress with Hebrew Inscription

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Antique engraving by renowned artist Jan Goeree. Dating back to the 18th century, this artwork portrays a compelling image of a Jew adorned in a captivating headdress. The Hebrew inscription most likely signified the sacred nature of the office and person of the High Priest, the one who is consecrated and committed to the service of God all his life. Known for his intricate engravings and attention to detail, Goeree brings life to the figure through the meticulous rendering of facial features, folds of the headdress, and intricate patterns.
The delicate details and skilled craftsmanship make this engraving a remarkable testament to the artist's talent and the rich cultural heritage it represents.

Size: 7.87 " x 12.59 " inches / 20 cm x 32 cm
Technique: Engraving
Date: 18th Century
Artist: Jan Goeree
Place: Israel
*Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Very good condition.