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Religious Engraving - 16th Century - Maarten de Vos - Christ - John the Baptist

Religious Engraving - 16th Century - Maarten de Vos - Christ - John the Baptist

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The "Solitudo sive Vitae Patrum Eremicolarum" engraving is a captivating artwork that invites viewers to delve into the world of male hermits and the solitude they embraced. Created after Maarten de Vos (1532-1603) and published by the Sadeler brothers, Johann (1550-1600) and Rafael (1560-1628), this engraving showcases their artistic skill and attention to detail. The detailed engraving depicts Christ and John the Baptist, further emphasizing their significance in the lives of the hermits. The artwork showcases the mastery of Maarten de Vos, as indicated by his signature in the bottom left corner. The engraving captures the essence of solitude and the austere lives led by the hermits. The meticulous details and precision in the engraving allow viewers to appreciate the intricacies of the scene, evoking a sense of reflection and contemplation. The Latin inscription below the engraving references a passage from the Book of Hebrews, emphasizing the hermits' abandonment of worldly possessions and their chosen path of solitude. This inscription adds depth and meaning to the artwork, connecting it to the spiritual and philosophical ideals of the time. This is an original print, not a modern reproduction. Many more antique drawings and prints on dahlstromsfineart.

Size: 11” x 9” inches / 28.5 cm x 22 cm
Technique: Engraving
Date: 16th century
Artist: Johann and Rafael Sadeler after Maarten de Vos
Place: Belgium/Netherlands
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request.

The print is in good condition, with the only noticeable aspect being some age-related pigmentation in certain areas.
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