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Original Print - "A Pope with a Book" - Francesco Bartolozzi - F. Barbieri

Original Print - "A Pope with a Book" - Francesco Bartolozzi - F. Barbieri

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Magnificent copper engraving by Francesco Bartolozzi, ater Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Guercino). Publishing in 1764 years, Italy. The sample is taken from the work "Original Paintings and Drawings of Guercino in the Collection of His Majesty."
The painting depicts the Pope sitting on a throne, holding an open book. The artist Francesco Bartolozzi, who lived in the 18th century, was famous for his engravings and medallion art. He was known for his ability to create images that celebrated great historical and religious figures. In the painting “Dad with a Book,” Bartolozzi perfectly conveyed the expressiveness and greatness of the pope. The Pope is depicted wearing lavish regalia, including a tiara, red papal scales and lace robes. He sits with dignity on the throne and bends over an open book located on his hand. It is important for me to note that in this picture special attention is paid to details, such as the rich coloring of the clothes, the expressiveness of the dad’s face and the detailed drawing.
Francesco Bartolozzi is an Italian draftsman, watercolor painter and engraver, the greatest master of etching, dotted style, in particular colored dotted line and pencil etching style. From 1764 he worked in
 England, where he created a school of color reproduction engravings.
Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (1591 – 1666) better known as Guercino, was an Italian Baroque painter and draftsman from Cento in the Emilia region, who was active in Rome and Bologna. The vigorous naturalism of his early manner contrasts with the classical equilibrium of his later works. His many drawings are noted for their luminosity and lively style.

Dimensions: 22” x 14” inches / 57 cm x 37 cm
Technique: Engraving
Date: 1764
Artist: Francesco Bartolozzi
After: Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Guercino)
Place: Italy
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request. 

The work has wear, age-related discoloration, but is overall in good condition. As you age, you can expect to see a few minor blemishes, brown or blotchy markings. Please check the condition of the image carefully and contact us with any questions. The reverse side is blank. This is an original print and not a modern reproduction. You can find many more vintage designs and prints at dahlstromsfineart.

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