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Original Etching - Portrait of Joanna of Austria - Grand Duchess of Tuscany

Original Etching - Portrait of Joanna of Austria - Grand Duchess of Tuscany

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This is antique engraving with etching made by Gerard Edelinck. After Peter Paul Rubens. 
Draftsman: Nattier, Jean-Marc. Published in Paris, France, 1710 years.
The painting depicts Joan of Austria - the youngest daughter of Emperor Ferdinand I and Anna Jagiellonian, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, first wife of Duke Francesco I, mother of Queen Marie de' Medici of France.
Gérard Edelinck (1640–1707) was a Flemish-born engraver who became one of the leading figures in the art of engraving during the late 17th century.  Edelinck was known for his collaborations with prominent painters. He worked closely with Charles Le Brun and other artists, translating their paintings into engravings. His engravings often depicted historical and mythological subjects. Gérard Edelinck played a significant role in the flourishing of engraving during the Baroque period in France. His works remain valuable examples of the artistry and technical skill of the era.
Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) was a highly influential Flemish Baroque painter. Rubens is considered one of the foremost painters of the Baroque period, known for his dynamic compositions, vivid color palette, and dramatic use of light and shadow. He painted a wide range of subjects, including religious and mythological scenes, portraits, landscapes, and historical events. His paintings often featured robust figures and a sense of movement.
Jean-Baptiste Nattier was a French artist born in 1678 and died in 1726. He was known as a portrait painter and worked for the royal court during the reign of Louis XV. His work was characterized by grace and elegance, and his portraits depicted members of the royal family and the upper classes. Nattier is also known for his involvement in the creation of decorative works.

Dimensions: 25” x 19” inches / 65 cm x 49 cm
Technique: Engraving with etching

Date: 1710
Artist: Gerard Edelinck
After: Peter Paul Rubens 
Draftsman: Nattier, Jean-Marc
Place: Paris, France
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request. 

The work has wear, age-related discoloration, brown spots, chips along the edges but is overall in good condition. As you age, you can expect to see a few minor blemishes, brown or blotchy markings. Please check the condition of the image carefully and contact us with any questions. The reverse side is blank. This is an original print and not a modern reproduction. You can find many more vintage designs and prints at dahlstromsfineart.

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