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Antique Engraving - Queen Flees From The City Of Blois - Marie de' Medici - 1710

Antique Engraving - Queen Flees From The City Of Blois - Marie de' Medici - 1710

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This is antique engraving with etching made by Cornelis Martinus Vermeulen. After Peter Paul Rubens. 
Draftsman: Nattier, Jean-Marc. Published in Paris, France, 1710 years.
Marie de' Medici was held captive in the Château de Blois, where her son King Louis XIII had exiled her along with his court since 1617. In this engraving we see the escape of Marie de Medici, who escaped through the window of her apartment. The servant follows her on her dangerous adventure. Minerva supports her. Surrounded by armed men, the Duke of Epernon waits for him at the foot of the castle.
Cornelis Martinus Vermeulen (1644 - 1709) was a Flemish painter who was active in Paris during the late 17th century. Vermeulen is recognized for his contributions to still life painting, particularly floral still lifes. He was part of the Flemish Baroque tradition and was associated with the Dutch and Flemish flower still life painters of the 17th century. His works often featured elaborate arrangements of flowers, often set in vases or other containers, and showcased his skill in rendering details and capturing the vibrancy of the flowers.
Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) was a highly influential Flemish Baroque painter. Rubens is considered one of the foremost painters of the Baroque period, known for his dynamic compositions, vivid color palette, and dramatic use of light and shadow. He painted a wide range of subjects, including religious and mythological scenes, portraits, landscapes, and historical events. His paintings often featured robust figures and a sense of movement.
Nattier, Jean-Marc (1685–1766) was a French composer and organist. He is known for his contributions to organ music and harmony theory. Nattier also wrote several organ treatises, detailing various aspects of organ playing and composition. His music is distinguished by a high level of complexity and refined style of performance.

Dimensions: 25” x 19” inches / 65 cm x 49 cm
Technique: Engraving with etching

Date: 1710
Artist: Cornelis Martinus Vermeulen
After: Peter Paul Rubens 
Draftsman: Nattier, Jean-Marc
Place: Paris, France
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request. 

The work has some foxing and age-related darkening, edge stains, and edge chips, but is overall in good condition. With age, you can expect to see a few minor spots, tan or blotchy markings. Please check the condition of the image carefully and contact us with any questions. The reverse side is blank. This is an original print and not a modern reproduction. Many more vintage drawings and engravings can be found on the dahlstromsfineart website.

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