Antique Engraving Print - Portrait of Hermann Milius von Gnadenfeld - Germany

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Portrait of Hermann Milius von Gnadenfeld (1603-1657). Half bust on the left in an oval medallion. Nanny is shown with shoulder-length hair (without a wig) and is dressed in the fashion of her day. He wears Anton Günther's penny penny on a chain around his chest. The frame of the medallion is crowned with the coat of arms of Oldenburg. Above it is a narrow banner with the inscription: "Deo et Patriae". There is an inscription around the medallion. The copper engraving is based on a painting by Anselmus van Halle (1601–1674) and Pieter de Bayou (1613–after 1660). This probably happened at the Westphalian Peace Congress, since van Halle, on behalf of Prince Friedrich Heinrich von Orange color.

Size: 12.59 " x 20.86 " inches / 32 cm x 53 cm
Technique: Engraving
Date: 19th Century
Artist: Unknown
Place: Germany
*Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Very good condition.