Antique Engraving Print - Portrait of Cornelis van Beveren - Dutch Knight - Lord

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Portrait of Cornelis van Beveren (1591-1663) was a Dutch knight and lord of Strevelshuk, West Esselmond and Kleine Lindt. He held many positions during his lifetime, including Mayor Dordrecht (1628-1629, 1637-1638, 1642-1643, 1645-1646 and 1649-1650); board and administrator of the General of South Holland (1618-1642); and curator of the Leiden Academy.

Size: 7" x 11" inches / 18 cm x 27 cm
Technique: Engraving
Date: 18th Century
Artist: Reckleben
Place: Holland
*Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Very good condition.