Antique Lithography - "Girl writing" - After August Jernberg - Stocholm, Sweden

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Antique lithography "Girl writing" by Abraham Lundqvist & Co, after August Jernberg, 1865. August Jernberg "Girl who writes" became widely known early on because it was depicted as a lithograph in Litografiskt Allehanda as early as 1865. The subject—a girl writing to her lover—in this case an officer, whose photograph she gazes wistfully—appeared early to impress 19th-century Swedish art. The girl's loss of her lover was emphasized by Jernberg's inclusion of objects in the painting that remind him of his presence: a pipe end without a handle on the table in front of the girl, and a man's coat and hat on the wall to the right. During the 1880s, this motif became relatively common among Scandinavian artists.

Size: 8 " x 12 " inches / 24 cm x 30.5cm
Technique: Lithography
Date: 1865
Artist: Abraham Lundqvist & Co
Place: Stocholm, Sweden
*Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Very good condition.