Antique Bird Print - Bird of Prey Riesenthal - Buteo Vulgaris, Snowy Owl

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Authentic color lithograph print originating from the work "Birds of Prey in Germany" (original "Die Raubvögel Deutschlands") show the birds of prey in Germany and neighboring Central Europe. Representation and description of the birds of prey found in Germany and the neighboring countries of Central Europe are written by friends of nature but especially the German hunt dedicated to O. v. Riesenthal. Printed and published by Theodor Fischcer.

Size: 16” x 12” inches / 40 cm x 31 cm
Technique: Chromolithography
Date: 1876
Artist: Julius von Riesenthal
Place: Cassel, Germany
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request.

Very good condition.